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Nipple Piercing Info

Female Nipple Piercing: Just the facts from our professional body piercer.

Female nipple piercings are among one of the most alluring piercings. It's your "little" secret. Traditionally in the early days of body piercing the Captive Bead Ring "CBR" was the jewellery of choice for this piercing. Due to the jewellery choice options this was just about the only way to go when it came to nipple piercings.

Now with the advent of different materials and jewellery types the captive bead ring is no longer the way to go. I have found the best jewellery choice is the Barbell, looking at the piercing from a practical sense, it's a straight line piercing from one side of the nipple to the other. The barbell allows the piercing to remain straight affording more comfort during day to day activity and allowing the piercing to heal with as little outside irritation as possible. The captive bead ring causes a curvature in the nipple piercing and in order to keep the piercing as straight as possible the ring needs to be larger in diameter to afford the comfort during the days tasks. With this size ring the pressure from bras would force the nipple up and could cause the piercing to migrate. When the ring is manipulated, this curvature will twist inside the piercing and can become tender and sore. Not very practical or comfortable.

With the option of the barbell the piercing is protected and supported by the bra and the chances of the piercing migrating and almost non existent. Adding a nipple stirrup or a nipple dangle to the barbell will give the piercing that alluring look and add sensation to the wearer during intimate activities. That's what you were after in the first place! Then there is always the option of changing the barbell out and replacing it with a "D" ring when you want to be a bit more obvious. The "D" rings straight segment allows the piercing to remain straight while still giving the look of a captive bead ring. This will allow the addition of tassel dangles to the ring to add a little something more to the look and sensation. Then when you want the piercing to be next to invisible simply put the barbell back into the piercing with smaller thread on balls and no one but you know your nipples are pierced.

So the average healing time for nipple piercing depend greatly on the individual getting the piercing, general good health , good diet and plenty of sleep will allow the piercings to heal in a timely fashion. Average can be anywhere from 6 to 8 weeks for a light heal, and 3 to 6 months for a tougher seasoned piercing, however no piercing would be considered fully seasoned until the piercings are a full year old. At that point you could remove the jewellery for anywhere from a few hours to a few days, but this will take some time and training to get the piercings to retain on there own without jewellery.

Regardless of the other fluff on the internet as to correct aftercare procedures I will tell you straight up. Rinse the piercings daily in the shower while moving the jewellery back and forth under warm running water and on occasion a little diluted and lathered liquid antibacterial soap followed by a good rinse is all you need. There is no reason for using any form of "healing agent" on your piercings, good personal hygiene is plenty. Wash the piercings after intimate activity and after swimming or hot tub use and you should have no issues. If you are in doubt wash them with a little antibacterial liquid soap and rinse well with water and that should have it beat. The whole aftercare product thing is just a studio's attempt to get some more money out of your pocket, nothing more nothing less.

What can you expect when you get the piercing done. Well simply put I will ensure that the piercings are straight and placed in the correct place on the nipple. That's right at the base of the nipple where it meets the Areola. I have seen lots of botched piercings and the nipples are the one piercing I have seen screwed up by too many novice piercers charging stupid* prices ( *too low to be safe, too high to warrant the lack of skill ) for there lack of knowledge and non existent skill. The nipple like any body part has many structures and the piercer needs to know these structure and account for them during the placement and piercing to afford a comfortable long lasting piercing.

Can you breast feed with a nipple piercings? Yes, you can. If the piercing is done correctly and placed in the right location breast feeding is not an issue. I have several hundred clients who have reported that they had no issues with breast feeding with there nipple piercing.

Can you stretch* nipple piercings ( *put in larger gauge jewellery )? Yes you can, however stretching should however be done by a qualified professional body piercer to avoid damaging the piercing. Stretching already seasoned piercings can add more sensation to the nipples.

Will my nipples get bigger once they are pierced? Yes your nipples will enhance slightly as the piercings heal. This is not uncommon in nipple piercings and in some cases it is a desired effect. Once the nipple piercings heal and season they will become soft and supple as they were before they were pierced.

Should I just get one done or should I do both? Well that is up to you and what you like. Some clients like just having one done and others like having a matched set. The logic being you are already healing one piercing, may as well let them both heal at the same time and then you're done. But then the look of a single pierced nipple can also be quite alluring so it's really up to you.

I have inverted nipples, can I get them pierced? Yes piercing inverted nipples can in most cases change the structure of the nipple so it will become more like a normal outward showing nipple. Inverted nipples is due to body structures and the formation of the breast. This will be explained in detail by your professional piercer when you book your consultation visit, if your piercer can't explain the reason this occurs then you're in the wrong studio.

Can you take out the piercings should you choose to no longer have them? Yes you can remove the jewellery after a shower once the piercing have been cleaned and just leave the jewellery out. Over time the piercing will shrink and then eventually the body will break the piercing down and close it completely, but this will take time and doesn't happen over night or over a few weeks, but over several months. Then in some cases the piercings never really close they just diminish in size with no ill effect's to the individual.

Can I get breast cancer from nipple piercings? No you can't. Breast cancer is a complex event that occurs from several factors joining to cause the right setting for cancer to form in breast tissue. There is no evidence to prove that nipple piercings have any effect on the formation of breast cancer.

All the forgoing information is protected by copyright and reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited without the written consent of Pacific Body Jewellery & Piercingä Ó 2010


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December 1, 2010 4:31 PM

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It's an Art form, It's what we do.Our body piercer is among some of the most experienced piercers in British Columbia. Our senior piercer is from the old school of piercing and studied various piercing methods at length as well as many variations offered by other senior piercers in the industry. Instrument use, technique, sterilization methods and metals used for the process of piercing were looked at in great detail.

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