Covid-19 Studio Protocols Revised Aug 18th 2022

Pacific Body Jewellery & Piercing

There are Provincial and Federal Guidelines and Regulations for body piercers (and tattoo artists) that have existed for decades, and their focus has always been on infection prevention and control practices. Whether the source is a rhinovirus that we come to expect every spring and fall, or something more sinister like Hepatitis, HIV or SARS, these Guidelines and Regulations address the overall procedures and protocols to prevent or control the risk of infection, depending on method of transmission.In terms of transmission, COVID-19 is similar to other viral infections: airborne droplets and direct / indirect contact. We know that these Guidelines and Regulations we have been following for the past 27 years will help to control transmission of this virus in our studio.

We also understand that this is a virus - so small that it can invade a bacterium; so adaptive that we still have no cure for the “common” cold; so unique that it can be destroyed by one person’s immune system within hours, yet cause the death of another person within days.

We have had to make some very difficult decisions in an effort to not only comply with changes in our industry, but to enhance protocols that we know work. We expect to review procedures and restrictions on a regular basis, but for the time being, for our safety and yours, this will be the new normal at our studio.

As always, your patience and support is greatly appreciated.


John & Elaine Zukowski


STAGE  1     Until Further Notice:


-  NO Jewellery sales

-  NO Jewellery installs or removals

  1. ENTRY by appointment only

-  NO walk-ins

-  Appointments MUST be booked over the phone.

-  We will NOT book appointments in the studio.

  1. MAXIMUM CAPACITY: 4 People  (John, Elaine, client and guest)

Access to the back portion of our studio (“piercing area”) was always limited - people in the front stayed at the front, and behind the red wall has always been a big, private room.  By eliminating all aspects of jewellery sales, and restricting entry to appointment-only, we are expanding that private room concept all the way to the front door. This will further reduce the risk of transmission, and certainly exceed current standards for social distancing.

4a. PIERCING  -  AGE LIMIT  (17 or older)

Without a doubt, THIS was the most difficult decision of all. Unfortunately it is based on what we have at the moment, and what could be ordered any day, at any time. We expect more Orders to be enacted, and we believe they will be more dependent on the individual participating / more restrictive in allowing a parent to decide for a child. The most recent example is the Order that overnight-camping is not allowed for children.

Our waiver is a document: It contains information required by law so that the individual can make an informed decision whether to proceed or not. When there is NO pandemic, when the province is NOT under a State of Emergency, provincial Regulations allow us the option of providing our service to a minor with the Informed Consent of the parent or guardian. Unfortunately, for now, that is not the case.


We have always believed there are benefits to having a friend with you during the piercing process.  If you do choose to have someone with you, that person:

-  Must be 17 years of age or older

-  Must provide Identification for proof of age

-  Must sit in the designated seating area during the piercing.

      AGE EXEMPTIONS  For clients that  WE  have pierced who are under the age of 17:

YES, we will always be available to you, whether you are having issues with healing, or you need longer/shorter jewellery, or that nostril screw is driving you crazy. As always, there is NO charge for these services, however:

-   You DO need to book an appointment

-   The piercing MUST have been done by us.

At this time, we are unable to assist people who were pierced elsewhere.

-   Entry restrictions still apply - GUEST (optional) must be 17 years or older. If consent was required for the piercing, the person giving consent MUST be present with you.

-   Age restrictions apply to PIERCINGS. Although we will help with existing piercings we have done, we will not be able to do any more piercings for you during Stage 1.


Pandemic Fee?   NO.  We have ALWAYS cleaned / disinfected common areas and work stations after every client, in accordance with Federal Infection Prevention and Control Practices. We have ALWAYS used medical-grade cleaners and disinfectants, purchased from a medical supply company, so there is no additional cost or time for us in this regard.

Cancellation Fee?   NO.  Even if it’s:

-  4 hours until your appointment and you don’t feel well,

-  1 hour until your appointment and you are still in line somewhere else,

-  30 minutes until your appointment, and your ride hasn’t shown up,

CALL US.  As long as you call BEFORE your appointment, there is NO cancellation fee.

Booking Fee?   NO.  We will not charge a fee just for booking an appointment, on the off-chance that you don’t show up. Our no-fee cancellation policy is very reasonable, making a fee for everyone unnecessary. However, if you are one of those people who book and then just don’t show up, we DO have a new No-Show fee just for you:

NO-SHOW Fee?   YES   ($25.00).

Previously, we would allow a 10-minute late-arrival time and if, after that time, the client didn’t show up, we would often be able to help someone who walked in. If that caused a delay for the next client, waiting an extra 5-10 minutes on the couch was never an issue.

This is no longer an option. There is no common “waiting” area. There is no couch. Our whole shop is “private”. By the end of an appointment, the client must be out of the premises, not just out of the piercing area at the back.

If you call or arrive AFTER your appointment

- regardless of the reason -

you will be charged a No-Show Fee.

Keep in mind that our phone might be busy, or we may not be able to answer if we are busy. We know parking sucks downtown. We know you may not be familiar with our location. We know traffic and transit can cause unexpected delays. We know that you can’t call or text while you’re driving. You need to consider all of this and more when deciding when to call if you think you may be late (hint: sooner rather than later).

This Fee also applies if you attend and we are unable to proceed because:

-  ID is forgotten / unacceptable

-  You schedule a piercing and are NOT 17 years of age or older

-  You bring anyone with you who does not meet the “Guest” criteria, and who is NOT able to wait outside our business.

-  You show any “COVID-19-like symptoms” (sore throat, fever, sneezing, coughing)

as per WorkSafe, CDC, and Provincial Health Guidelines.


DURING STAGE 1,  we will NOT book appointments:

-  In-studio.  All appointments MUST be booked over the phone

-  To sell, install, remove, or in any other way handle jewellery.

-  For any services other than those listed above

-  To assist with healing or jewellery issues if we did NOT do the piercing originally


-  If you want a piercing, and are 17 years of age or older

-  If you are having healing issues with a piercing WE DID  (ANY age / OUR client)

-  If you need longer or shorter jewellery for a piercing WE DID  (ANY age / OUR client)

-  If you need your nostril screw adjusted and WE DID the piercing  (ANY age / OUR client)


(11:00am to 4:00pm  Wednesday to Saturday).

The answering machine will be left on after-hours so that booked clients can leave a cancellation message. Requests for bookings will NOT be returned. If you are not sure, leave a message, but please understand that we may NOT return messages left on the machine.

On the day of your appointment:

-  Arrive NO EARLIER than  10 minutes BEFORE  your scheduled appointment.

              If you arrive earlier, the door may be locked / we may ask you to wait outside the facility.

-  Arrive no LATER than  5 minutes AFTER  your appointment.

              Any later, with no prior notice, you will be deemed a No-Show.

-  Bring your identification - Driver’s License, or BCID (with photo).

            If you’re not sure, ask what will be acceptable when you book your appointment.


-  We will NOT be issuing Gift Certificates at this time.

-  If you purchased a Gift Certificate from us and it is for someone younger than 18 years,

please call us to discuss options.