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If you are looking for a specific piercing and don't see it listed by name, you can rest assured we do it. Call us for more details

With over 30 years of actual hands on experience performing every piercing out there, we know what were doing and we do it very well. Why trust your body to some sketchy person in a questionable shop with little or no training and even less skill, or worse yet some clown working out of their home with no license, no training and no health inspection.

2023 Price List (subject to change without notice)


Ear Lobe (one)

Jewellery Type

Captive Bead Ring


$ 58.45



Ear Lobes (two piercings) Captive Bead Rings  $ 85.40  N/A
Ear Cartilage (one)  Captive Bead Ring / Labret Stud  $ 58.45  N/A
Ear Cartilage (two piercings)  Captive Bead Rings  $ 85.40  N/A
Ear Cartilage (three piercings)  Labret Studs   $ 112.35  N/A
Industrial (two piercings)  Captive Bead Rings  $ 85.40  N/A
Eyebrow  Curved Barbell  $ 68.95  N/A
Labret, Madonna, Monroe, Medusa  Labret Stud  $ 74.20  N/A
Snake Bites, Spider Bites  Labret Studs    $ 116.90  N/A
Vertical Labret  Curved Barbell  $ 74.20  N/A
Navel Piercing  Curved Jewelled Barbell  $ 74.55  N/A
Nostril Piercing  Jewelled Nostril Screw $ 74.55  N/A
Septum Piercing  Titanium Septum Retainer $ 89.95  N/A
Bridge Piercing  PTFE  $ 121.45  N/A
Tongue Piercing  Straight Barbell $ 84.70  N/A
Tongue Fenium  Curved / Circular Barbell  $ 110.95  N/A
Nipple Piercing (one) male / female  Straight Barbell $ 79.45  N/A
Nipple Piercing (two) male / female  Straight Barbells $ 116.90  N/A


Specialty Piercings

Jewellery Type

Standard Price

Apprentice Price

 1 Dermal Anchor (micro dermal)  plain / jewel G23 Titanium Foot & Top  $ 138.25  N/A
 2 Dermal Anchors (micro dermal)  plain / jewel G23 Titanium Foot & Top  $ 197.75  N/A
 3 Dermal Anchors (micro dermal)  plain / jewel G23 Titanium Foot & Top  $ 257.25  N/A
 4 Dermal Anchors (micro dermal)  plain / jewel G23 Titanium Foot & Top  $ 316.75  N/A
 Surface Piercing (double point) (one barbell)  plain/jewel G23 Titanium Surface BBL  $ 202.65  N/A
 Surface Piercings (double point) (two barbells)  plain/jewel G23 Titanium Surface BBL  $ 321.30  N/A

Exotic Piercings

Jewellery Type

Standard Price

Apprentice Price

Clitoris Straight Barbell $ 158.20  N/A
Clitoral Hood (horizontal or vertical) Captive Bead Ring / Straight Barbell $ 121.45  N/A
Labia (minora / majora) (two piercings) Captive Bead Rings / Circular Barbells $ 153.65  N/A
Fourchette Piercing (vaginal vestible) Straight Barbell $ 158.20  N/A
 Christina Piercing (above clitoral hood)  Curved Barbell (PTFE)  $ 142.45  N/A
Triangle Piercing (deep horizontal hood) Captive Bead Ring $ 158.20  N/A
Prince Albert Captive Bead Ring / Curved Barbell $ 158.20  N/A
 Reverse Prince Albert Captive Bead Ring / Curved Barbell  $ 158.20  N/A
 Hafada (scrotum) (two piercings)  Captive Bead Rings $ 169.40 N/A
 Guiche (female & male)  Captive Bead Ring  $ 131.95 N/A
 Frenum  Straight Barbell  $ 131.95 N/A
Dydoe (two piercings) Straight Barbells $ 169.40 N/A
Ampallange (horizontal) (European placement) Straight Barbell $ 165.95 N/A
Apadravya (vertical) Straight Barbell $ 165.95 N/A
Foreskin Captive Bead Ring $ 169.40 N/A
Pubic Captive Bead Ring $ 131.95 N/A

Exotic Piercing Services are available to people 19 years old and over with valid photo I.D..
All our body jewellery is compliant with the E.U. Nickel Directive and is safe for new piercings.All piercings above are quoted with base 316 L.V.M. Surgical Stainless Steel unless otherwise noted.

Our Services & Prices

Our prices posted are the prices you pay at our till, no smoke and mirrors, what you see is what you pay. The above prices are based on the use of basic 316 LVM surgical stainless steel body jewellery unless otherwise noted.

All our jewellery is compliant with the E.U. Nickel Directive governing the amounts of acceptable nickel and quality of the jewellery used for new piercings. This E.U. regulation doesn't apply to north American markets, and is a voluntary compliance by Pacific Body Jewellery & Piercing to ensure you get only the best possible jewellery for your new piercing.

Your piercing is done by a seasoned professional body piercer with no less than 30 years of hands on experience working in a licensed and inspected body piercing studio. You will not be passed off to an apprentice or student piercer.

A word about body jewellery and the places that sell it.

Don't assume your body piercing studio of choice is using safe materials. Ask questions like "where is it made and of what type of metal or materials"? Many new studios are using what ever is the cheapest and quickest to get, they could care less if you have issues down the road due to the jewellery they use. It's all about maximizing the studio profits. This also applies to the over priced after care products they "force" you to buy, many of these products are untested by government agencies and fall under the "use at your own risk" category.

North American markets are flooded with the jewellery that can't be sold in Europe due to the E.U. Nickel Directive. This puts you at risk when you purchase body jewellery from mall vendors and trinket shops selling purses, scarves and body jewellery. So when in doubt about body jewellery and it's quality err on the side of caution and purchase your body jewellery from actual licensed body piercing studios only. If they don't tell you "where the jewellery comes from" or "who makes it" don't buy it.

Our Aftercare for new piercings.

Common sense is the best approach to aftercare for any new piercing.  A lot of internet sites and more over, body piercing studios will tell you you need all sorts of fancy aftercare sprays, lotions, cremes and other non sense to heal your piercing.  Well simply put from an experienced professional,  that's just Bull shit.

I have your attention now don't I. Your body is quite capable of healing a piercing,  just like it would heal a simple cut. It's a triad so to speak of three important points:

Good diet, Good rest and Good Aftercare.

Eat a some what balanced diet, this gives the body what it needs to fuel your system and allow it to heal.
Get some real sleep, this allows your body to recharge and fix what the day has taken out of your system.
Good personal Hygiene, showering daily and rinsing the piercings allows the discharge caused by the healing process to be washed away allowing the piercing to breath and continue the healing process.

The use of woo woo magic stuff is never encouraged by our studio, over 30 years I have yet to see a man made product "speed healing".

Of course when you get a piercing from us, we will explain in detail, what you need to do for your specific piercing to allow it to heal at your bodies best potential, but the use of cleansers and other "piercing care" products is highly suspect and never recommended by us.